Saw Blade FAQ

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What lengths do your saw blades come in?

Our saw blades come in the following lengths:

Saw blade Length 15″ (380 mm) for a maximum cutting width of veneer slat 3″ (75 mm)

Saw blade Length 16 9/16″ (420 mm) for a maximum cutting width of veneer slat 4″ (100 mm)

Saw blade Length 17 11/16″ (450 mm) for a maximum cutting width of veneer slat 6″ (150 mm)

Saw blade Length 19 11/16″ (500 mm) for a maximum cutting width of veneer slat 8″ (200 mm)

Saw blade Length 21 5/8″ (550 mm) for a maximum cutting width of veneer slat 10″ (250 mm)

Hogging blades are used to size the two outside veneers and are available for all of the above thicknesses

How do I select a saw kerf?

Saw kerfs are available from .027: (.70 mm) to .053″ (1.35 mm) When choosing the saw kerf it is important to consider the following:

Maximum height of the material being cut

Type of wood to be cut (soft or hard)

Feed speed required

Combination of a the three criteria above

Where can I get new spacers if I change saw blades thickness or veneer slat thickness?

If the body of the saw blade is changed then this will effect the size of the veneer slat being produced, in this case you must change the size of the spacers between the saw blades.  Ogden can manufacture new spacers within 2 days for your different size slat requirement.  We offer this fast turn around service for all frame saws makes and models, in fact we go the extra mile and engrave each and every saw spacer to make it easier for the operator to load and install the spacers into the correct position of the saw frame.

Pictured below saw spacer with engraved size, we make spacers for all makes and model frame saws, call for pricing.


How do I choose the correct size saw blades & saw frames?

Example on how to choose the CORRECT size saw blades & saw frames

Saw frames come in the following sizes: for maximum cutting widths of 4″ (120 mm) 6″ (150 mm) 8″ (200 mm) and 10″ (250 mm).  If you want to cut a 7″ (178 mm) veneer slat/lamella width, then we would recommend that you use the 8″ (200 mm) saw frame and saw blade.  By choosing the 8″ frame and saw blades, they are close enough to the 7″ width of the veneer being cut and this will in turn minimize the amount of flex in the blades because most of the blade is stabilized in the wood that is being cutting.  Keep in mind, it is always better to keep the length of saw blade as close to the maximum width of the product being cut.  Never try to cut wood which is wider than the maximum saw blade width as this will damage the machine.

Example of choosing INCORRECT saw blades and saw frames

When cutting veneer slats/lamellae with a width of 7″ (178 mm), we would recommend that you NOT use a 10″ (250 mm) saw frame and blades.  The 10″ saw frame and saw blades are too long  for cutting a 7″ product, and there will consequently be a great deal of flexing in the 10″ saw blades because less of the saw blade will be stabilized in the wood being cut.  This will result in more variance between slats.

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