PT7 Radial forming press

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PT7 Radial forming press PT7 Radial forming press PT7 Radial forming press PT7 Radial forming press PT7 Radial forming press PT7 Radial forming press

Used Protech PT 7 Radial Forming press with full warranty, installation and training


The PT-7 Radius Former was developed as an economical alternative method to easily and accurately fabricate curved laminates such as arched headers and radiused moldings for windows and doors, furniture parts, etc.  Designed to fit the needs of smaller, growing shops the machine does not require extensive training or upkeep.  The PT-7 solves these problems and can produce a wide range of shapes up to 4 1/2" thick and 7" wide without separate forms.  The patented, ruggedly built machine features welded steel frame construction and quality components for a long and productive life.  The machine can be used as a cold press or with optional heat bands.




  1. The machine can form parts with a minimum inside diameter of 12" and a maximum diameter of 96". Maximum inside arch height is 54”
  2. Maximum part thickness is 4 1/2".
  3. Maximum part width is 7".
  4. The machine includes a computer program (IBM AT compatible computer not included) that leads you through a series of questions such as type of shape (halfround, true ellipse, etc.) to determine the proper set-up for the machine.  The program can provide a printout showing the required settings for each arm to minimize set-up time.
  5. The computer software is designed to easily compensate for spring back of radiused parts.
  6. The main frame press frame uses heavy wall steel tubing for strength and long life.
  7. Forty-one (41) machined rails support dual sets of heavy aluminum arms to act as forms for various shape pieces. These arms are easily adjustable to assist in setting up various shapes.
  8. Thirty-two (32) pneumatic clamps, each with manual control and a special quick connect fitting, apply clamping pressure to the parts for laminating.  Additional clamps are optional.
  9. Clamping pressure is applied in a progressive manner, beginning in the middle, to allow the laminates to move slightly in relation to each other for tighter laminated parts.
  10. The machine does not require forms or fixed shapes of any kind.
  11. The machine is shipped complete and ready to operate with either cold curing of glues or with the optional heat bands for faster curing times.
  12. The machine design is protected by U.S. Patent #5,293,961
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