Thin Cutting Frame Saws

The Thin Cutting Frame Saw is able to cut accurate veneer slats with less waste (up to 30%).  For example, instead of getting 4 veneers out of a given block you may get up to 6 veneer slats. This is especially important when cutting more expensive woods such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry and other exotic species.  The frame saw will produce a finish which is both accurate and ready for further processes such as face gluing for flooring, stiles & rails and other products.  The traditional method of making veneer slats is with the use of a conventional band or re saw.  Due to the inaccuracy and poor finish produced with a band saw the parts are required to have an additional machining steps, in this case it would be sanding on both sides.  This is of course time consuming and expensive due to the addition labour and process costs.  Because there are no further machining operations require when using our thin cutting frame saw, the customer will save on labor and material.  These saving are significant enough to make the thin cutting frame saw a necessary piece of machinery even for the smaller manufacturing shops. Thin Cutting Frame Saws are used in any industry who require veneer slats, any company who is cutting a veneer slat who wants to produce a slat with minimum waste of material and a good finish can use the frame saw.  Some of the more common companies where a frame saw can be found would be Door companies who are making engineered stiles and rails, companies who are making radial half rounds for windows and doors, flooring companies who are making engineered wear layers for flooring, furniture companies, musical instruments such as guitars and variety of other industries. The Orbit Thin Cutting Frame Saw is the worlds most advanced thin cutting frame saw. The Orbit utilizes new and patented movement of the saw frame. The new generation of Orbit thin cutting frame saws utilizes a completely new up/down method of movement for cutting veneer slats unavailable on other modern thin cutting frame saws. Conventional thin cutting frame saws which move up and down in a lineal motion, the Orbit utilizes a patented swing out motion at the bottom of the saw stroke. During the down stroke of the saw frame, the cutting motion is perfectly lineal. See all of our models of Thin Cutting Frame Saws below.
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