Radio Frequency Presses

RfsProtech’s SL Series of Radio Frequency Presses are used in a variety of applications including kitchen cabinets, door frames, panels and many more applications. The SL model of Radio Frequency Presses are built with the curing platten at a 45 degree angle, this results in a smaller foot print and thus minimal floor space is required. The 45 degree design also makes the SL Radio Frequency Press easy to load and un load. Because Radio Frequency curing is the fastest method to cure wood parts this technology makes the SL press the fastest method to cure wood components. Parts can be cured in a matter of minutes and then shortly after be further processed such as sanded or machined. The old method of clamping wood parts and waiting for the ambient heat (room temperature) to dry the glue lines is very slow and not conducive with “just in time” manufacturing. The SL series of Radio Frequency presses is capability of high production while providing consistent glue joint strength. The SL series range in size from 36″ x 48″ through to 48″ x 110″ and can come with optional Infeed/Outfeed systems which makes the SL ideal for smaller or larger woodworking shops.
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