New Patent Pending for Wood Repair System

Ogden has added a new feature to their DRS 300 Wood Repair System.  The Wood Repair system is designed to fill and repair knots and cracks in wood flooring.  The fence system is now available, and allows defects that are located down the length of the board to be filled (defects can be on the front or back edge of the board).  When defects are repaired, the filler solution is forced into the defect with high pressure.  If the defect is on the edge, previously, the filling solution would overflow and spill out of the side.  Overflow of the filler solution is expensive, wasteful and messy.  The new pop-up fence prevents the filler solution from spilling out of the wood.  This same fence system can also be used when repairing solid wood tongue and groove flooring.  A matching counter profile can be attached to the fence allowing for profiles to be repaired. The counter profiles can be made according to the customers requirements.  The new pop-up fence system can be purchased as an option with the DRS 300 or purchased later and up-graded.  Ogden has a Patent Application Pending for this new system.



Ogden posts record sales at IWF Atlanta

Ogden Sales Group posted record sales of over 1.3 Million at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta this year. Ogden attributes the increase in sales to their dominance in the flooring machinery market, to the introduction of the DRS Wood Repair System and to new innovations in their press and frame saw systems. Manufacturers are looking for a one stop machinery supplier who can not only provide state of the art turnkey solutions for their manufacturing requirements, but can also provide excellent technical, service and spare parts support. Ogden’s ability to supply turnkey solutions to the flooring, window, and door industry has enabled them to become leaders in the wood machinery industry.

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New Wood Repair System

The introduction of the new DRS 300 (Defect Repair System) was met with enthusiasm at the April 2014 Flooring Expo in Nashville by both exhibitors and show attendees.  In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for reclaimed and low grade lumber (with defects) with customers asking for wood products that cosmetically have a more natural or rustic look.  Many end users believe that the use of this lumber is not only eco-friendly, but they also prefer the natural appearance of the product.  Manufactured in the United States, the DSR 300 Wood Repair system is designed to fill and repair knots and cracks in wood flooring.  A hot melt solution is pressed into the defects using high pressure and within seconds, the solution conforms and seals perfectly to the shape of the defect being repaired.  The final result is an esthetically pleasing and durable product that withstands wear and abrasion.





Success at Open House


This year’s open house was held in North Carolina at Ogden’s RfsProtech facility.  It was a huge success with over 80 companies attending the two day event.  Companies attended this event from North and South America.  The open house featured machinery specifically for the manufacture of engineered flooring. 



Machinery demonstrated at the open house included thin-cutting frame saws that feed 6 boards at one time.  Using thin saw blades from .036″ to .052″ kerf we are able to produce engineered wear layers with minimal waste.  The smooth finished produced from the frame saw allows the veneer to be glued directly to the substrate without further processing such as sanding etc. 

channel feedingb


The continuous roll feed PUR press uses a hot melt glue which cures in seconds under pressure. The press feeds both the plywood and wear layer at feed speeds in excess of 50 ft./min.  This year, the PUR press featured an automatic veneer feeding system which placed the veneer wear layers on top of the plywood, and an automatic flying cut off saw which cut the flooring to length without the press stopping. 




Also featured at the open house was the traditional Radio Frequency press system.  Using PVA glue, the RF press cures batches of flooring in either a vertical or horizontal position.  Cure times can vary according to the generator’s size but are generally around 60 to 120 seconds per load.   




Open House

Monday, September 16th or Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

RfsProtech LLC

1202 Woodfield Way
Wilkesboro, NC 28697

For Engineered Flooring Production Systems

We invite you to join us in our Wilkesboro, NC manufacturing plant on Monday, September 16th or Tuesday, September 17th to view the latest innovations in engineered flooring technology.  The Ogden Group Open House will feature equipment demonstrations and production tips that will optimize and improve your flooring manufacturing process.  Gain new insights from our industry experts as we discuss your individual manufacturing needs with our engineers and also help you to find the right solutions for your specific business challenges.

Demonstrations will feature the following Machinery:

PUR Flooring press:
With Drum melter, Glue applicator, Automatic Veneer Hopper Feeder, Roll feed press, Automatic flying cut off saw.

Thin-Cutting Frame Saw:
Saw for cutting veneer slats.  Setup for running 5 channels (5 boards at once).

Rotoplane Rotory planing system:
Setup to calibrate veneer slats (top and bottom) to a tolerance within +/- .001”
Calibrating veneer thicknesses from 2 MM and up

ogdenentlogo300px-300x90We want to be sure that we are able to give you our undivided attention in order to discuss your specific questions and manufacturing needs.  Please return this e-mail and indicate the date and approximate time that you would like to attend.  If you would like to run some of your product, please let us know and we will forward you shipping instructions. 

Ogden Group has been a leader in the wood processing industry for over 30 years; with presses, frame saws and planing systems.  Come visit with the experts!

New Vertical Cold Press

Ogden Sales Group introduces new vertical cold press into its line of press products

This new press system is designed specifically for small to medium size plants that manufacture engineered wood flooring or stiles and rails in the door industry.  Parts are stacked into the press vertically up to a maximum height of 40 inches.  Curing times (cycle times) using PVA glues are from 30 to 45 minutes per load. 

 RfsProtech Model VP 120x12x40




Laminated/Engineered Flooring

Stiles and Rails for Doors


Maximum length 10 ft

Maximum width 12″

Maximum load height 40″

Pressure = Hydraulic

Voltage 460 V 60 Hz